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Bioinformatics software at Institut Curie

CGH-array, ChIP-chip (Genome)

Title Description Availability
GLAD Chromosomal breakpoint detection in array CGH experiments (Gain and Loss Analysis of DNA).
Developed by Philippe Hupé et al.
R package is available either upon request at or from bioconductor.
MANOR Normalization of array-CGH data (Micro-Array NORmalization).
Developed by Pierre Neuvial et al.
R package is available upon request at

Image Analysis

Title Description Availability
MAIA Microarray Automatic Image Analysis Developed by Eugene Novikov et al. The MAIA software is available upon request, contact:
More information is available from the Download :
User Manual (PDF), Demo Images, MAIA 2.5 Demo.

Protein Identification (Proteome)

Title Description Availability
ProMS Proteome analysis using Mass Spectrometry.
Developed by Patrick Poullet et al.
Access to the on-line demo of ProMS at
The ProMS software will be available upon request very soon.

User Interfaces

Title Description Availability
CAPweb Cgh Array analysis Pipeline on the WEB.
Developed by Stéphane Liva et al.
Access to the CAPweb software at
The CAPweb software is available upon request.
VAMP Visualisation and Analysis of CGH arrays, transcriptome and other Molecular Profiles.
Developed by Philippe La Rosa et al.
VAMP can be run on public sets of data at
The following array-CGH data are currently browsable : Douglas et al. (2004), de Leeuw et al. (2004), Veltman et al. (2003), Pollack et al. (CGH and transcriptome array data, 2002), Snijders et al. (2001) and Nakao et al. (2004).
The VAMP software is available upon request.
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