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Welcome to the Institut Curie Bioinformatics Group home page

The Bioinformatics Group of Institut Curie was created in early 2003 and our missions cover:

1. The development and maintenance of Bioinformatics tools for analysis of cancer related data. This includes servers, genomic and clinical databases, graphical user interfaces, and analysis pipelines.
2. Research in Computational Biology for improving our understanding of cancer, both from a fundamental point of view and in the perspective of clinical applications. We mainly develop mathematical and statistical tools for microarray and gene network analysis.
3. Cancer related data analysis.
Our developments are carried out in close collaboration with the physicians and biologists from Institut Curie, CancÚropole Ile de France and other collaborators worldwide.

The Institut Curie Bioinformatics Unit is an interdisciplinary team of biologists, mathematicians, statisticians, physicists and computer scientists and count nine different nationalities. Positions are generally available, for further information, please email us at:

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