Regulation of cell cycle by Retinoblastoma protein: Systems Biology approach

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The comprehensive map

  • Clickable version of the comprehensive map [here]
  • Legend of the map: how to read the map, statistics, lists of genes, proteins, etc. [here]
  • RB and cancer [here]
  • List of RB partners [here]
  • Description of the modules [here]
  • Example of a possible use of the map on patients' data [here]
  • Contributors of the map: list of people who gave us feedback [here]
  • Participants / Authors of the map [here]
  • Comparison of the map with existing pathways from other databases [here]
  • List of all the tools used in the building of the map [here]

The modules

  • How the modules were obtained using BiNoM [here]
  • Description of the structural analysis method that leads to the creation of modules [here]

The files

  • List of the files CellDesigner (.xml), Cytoscape (.cys), BioPAX (.owl), etc. [here]
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