MAIA (Microarray Image Analysis)

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MAIA 2.7

MAIA 2.7 Setup
MAIA 2.7 User Manual

MAIA 2.75

MAIA 2.75 Setup
MAIA 2.75 User Manual

From MAIA 2.7 to MAIA 2.75

  • Output File Format:
    The order of the outputted fields can be defined using Drag-and-Drop of the table rows;
    Double click on the selected row appends the corresponding field to the list of the outputted fields;
    Any field can be set at the top or bottom of the list of the outputted fields using the corresponding items of the popup menu: {“Move to First”, “Move to Last”};
    The definition of the Output File Format can be imported from a previously exported analysis results file.
  • Diagnostic Plots:
    Switch between the linear and log scales is performed via the popup menu;
    Number of graph panels in the rows, and the height of the graph panels can be different for the Quality Histograms and Results Plots panels;
    Lowess normalization has been implemented for the Scatter plot and M-A plot. It is available via the Menu Item “Lowess Fit” from the popup menu at the Scatter Plot and M-A plot panels. The normalized ratio values can be set for output using the Menu Item “Set Normalized” from the same popup menu.
  • The popup menu {“All to Run” “All to Skip”} has been added to the Batch Processing Window to include or to not include all files in the batch run.
  • Binary Experimental files are Zip compressed.

x 5% of the total number of genes can be exported. Full version is freely available to non-commercial users upon request.

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