The GLAD algorithm

The GLAD algorithms aims at identifying the chromosomal regions with identical DNA copy number, which are delimited by breakpoints. The details of GLAD and the exhaustive list of parameters to be tuned can be found in Hupé et al. (2004).


$\displaystyle N$   $\displaystyle \textrm{ independent observations } S=\left \{(X_1,Y_1), \cdots, (X_N,Y_N) \right \}$  
$\displaystyle X_i$   $\displaystyle \textrm{determines the location (the clone rank on the chromosome)}$  
$\displaystyle Y_i$   $\displaystyle \textrm{is the observation at } X_i \textrm{(the measured $\textrm{log}_2\textrm{-ratio }$)}$  


Philippe Hupé 2004-11-19