ViDaExpert - is a software for multidimensional vectorial data visualization (ViDa stands for VIsualization of DAta).


Development of ViDaExpert software is a continuous process which was started in 2000 by Dr. Andrei Zinovyev for his PhD thesis at the Institute Of Computational Modeling of Russian Academy of Science, was continued at IHES and moved to Bioinformatics service of Institut Curie. For the moment, it is actively used by researchers of Institut Curie for exploratory data analysis (mainly, microarray data).

ViDaExpert implements a number of methods for exploratory data analysis:

In ViDaExpert there is a well-developed set of tools to browse, annotate and mark datapoints with colors, shapes and sizes.

ViDaExpert is equiped with fast and convenient OpenGL-based 3D-viewer, which creates an integrative environment for exploratory data analysis.

ViDaExpert was shown to be a useful tool, in particular, in analysis of microarray data. There are special panels integrated to support analysis of microarray data (for example, dot-plots).

In the nearest future we plan to integrate into ViDaExpert several data analysis techniques, including a version of Independent Component Analysis.



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You can also have a look at the following Powerpoint presentation:
  1. Non-linear Principal Manifolds - elastic maps approach. (PPT)
VidaExpert tool was also used in the following publicaitons:
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Method of elastic maps is also used in development of VIMIDA Java-applet.


Here you can find several tutorials to start with ViDaExpert. Here is a detailed video tutorial, in Russian language: (zipped file , 500M).
Look also at the description of elmap method.


ViDaExpert was implemented in Borland Delphi version 5. The installation does not require any additional libraries.



Bioinformatics service of Instiute of Curie
Dr. Andrei Zinovyev